Down there in Paris, you will discover a honeycomb of passageways. The tunnel system is a huge maze and no person knows quite how many tunnels or sections there are out there. Paris is, after all, a very old city that has been built and rebuilt many times. It’s what is kept of rock quarries built an expanded over the center.

The French amount of resistance used these tunnels during World War II, and rave parties flourished there during the 1990s. Victor Hugo used his knowledge about the tunnel system when he wrote Nos Mis? rables. In 1871, communards killed several monarchists in one chamber.

However, in this maze of tunnels, one part accessible to the public – the famous “Catacombs” of Paris, france. The Catacombs of Paris, france were created at the end of the eighteenth century. Situated twenty metres below ground, this ossuary contains the remains of millions of Parisians moved little by little between the later eighteenth and mid-nineteenth hundreds of years as graveyards were being closed and moved outside the house the town center. The bone were always moved at night to a wedding ceremony made up of a procession of priests who sang along the way to the Catacombs.

the Paris catacombs

Because the first day they were complete, the Catacombs have recently been an object of interest, even for royalty. In 1787, Lord of d’Artois, who became King Charles 10, went down there with the girls from the Court. In 1814, Fran? ois 1st, Chief of Austria, went to visit and explore them while he was in Paris. In 1860, Napoleon III went there with his son. The catacomb walls are also protected in graffiti dating from the eighteenth century. Everybody has left their draw on this place. Towards end of the eighteenth century, the catacombs became a tourist attraction and have been open to people on a regular basis from 1867.

At night galleries and narrow pathways, you’ll see bones set up in a macabre screen. Catacombs are eerie. They will are quiet, dark, limp, and somewhat downright disappointing. There are lots of bones around and almost all of choices just stacked up on one another. You’ll never know who is who – that skull you are considering could be someone who died from the problem or from a prosperous aristocrat. You never know.

I’ve visited this site multiple times and i also always find it super creepy yet excellent interesing. A history here is incredible and you will see marks on the walls from the centuries of guests here. it is among the best things to see and do in Paris and should not be skipped!

Some interesting facts and figures:

  • The depth of the Catacombs is the same as a five-story building.
  • The region is 2 kms long.
  • It takes forty five minutes to view it.
  • The frequent temperature in the Catacombs is 14 C.
  • The surface area of the ossuary is 14, 000 square meters.

To get to the Catacombs of Paris, you can take the subway and the RER to Denfert-Rochereau or use Bus 38 and 68. The museum is open from 10 a. m. to eight: 31 p. m. every day except Monday. Visitors are limited to 200 at the same time so the ling can get really long as people get backed up. I recommend resereving your space ahead of time to avoid the line. Tickets cost 13 Euros. Theere are sound guides available in English, French, German and Spanish for extra 5 Euros.